Black Friday and Consumer Madness

I am not a fan of the Christmas spirit. I don’t even know what the Christmas really is or what it was supposed to be but I imagine that what it has become isn’t what people originally thought it to be. When I think of the Christmas spirit now, I think of Black Friday and I think of consumers stomping on each other as they play tug and war with cheap electronics. I think road rage and I think crying kids sitting on Santa’s smelling like beer. That’s why I talk to Big Thumb Car Rental in Penang every year to make sure that my annual visit is in working order.

I try to leave the United States the day after Thanksgiving every year. I can’t handle it anymore. It’s not like I dislike my own country or my friends and family but it’s unsettling to see the amount of stress that we put ourselves through for the holidays. I really don’t get it. So much money and time and emotional energy is spent on trying to make other people happy that we find ourselves balancing that energy with the constant pressure of feeling like we have to do something great for them.

I don’t want anyone ever to think that they have to do anything for me during the holidays. I love getting gifts as much as the next person but I don’t expect them and I certainly don’t expect them on a schedule like Christmas does. I especially dislike what Black Friday does to people – it’s disgusting to watch and shocking to see some of the most reasonable friends that I have reduced to consumer predators. Ugh. I hope I never become like that – I think I’m too jaded now to put myself in that situation.


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