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Got a New Turck for My Trips

I got a new truck and some cheap car insurance for it. I am going to be making a lot of road trips soon so I had to be covered. I put a camper on the back of the truck so that I can avoid paying for hotels as much as possible. I plant to travel to the coast. I want to spend some time there hunting for mushrooms. Some people make a living hunting for mushrooms but you need to travel so you are always in the right areas when it is time to harvest the wild mushrooms.

I have hunted for mushrooms before. I mostly hunted for chanterelles. Around here they are mostly in the fall but farther south you can get them almost year round though it requires more work to find them. The harder to find mushrooms are the most expensive so can yield the most profit. I think I will start simple though. I know one man that made one thousand dollars in a day just from chanterelles but that’s because he knew of a prime spot to get them.


Finding a Better Moving Company on the Internet

I’ve had my fair share of problems with moving companies. The majority of the time they damage something while transporting objects, arrive late, or get lost along the way. I wasn’t exactly happy to find out that I would have to rely on a moving company yet again. I needed to move two pianos from a college to my home. The pianos were being given away to anyone who wanted to buy them, and I purchased them, since they were priced reasonably for used baby grand pianos.

I wanted to avoid the mistakes of the previous moving companies that I had the unfortunate pleasure of using.