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It’s a Party for Now!

I did not know what to do as a maid of honor for my cousin’s wedding. I did not know what my responsibilities were and when my mom and her sisters told me that I was supposed to plan a big night out on the town for her, I said that I was looking forward to it. There were a lot of people that were telling me that I was going to have to get a party bus in toronto as they were a lot of fun and it could fit a lot of people. I knew that I was going to have to invite at least twenty girls to make the night complete for my cousin so I had to make sure that we had a vehicle that was large enough. I also did not want to have to worry about whether or not we were allowed to drink in the vehicle that we were renting so I had to make sure it was allowed.

The whole idea behind a party bus or vehicle is to show that we could actually drink and it would be legal. The driver was used to dealing with this sort of thing so I thought that if we got a little too rowdy that it would be okay with the driver as they would be used to our type of crowd. Plus, it was no secret that we wanted to go from bar to bar so that we could have a great time in different places. I did not want to go to one place for the night as I thought it would be more fun for my cousin to do a bar crawl or something similar to that. It was going to be a great time that we had together on that night.


Making Your Life Easier with Freight Shipping in Vancouver

City Transfer provides freight shipping in vancouver and British Columbia. Exploring City Transfer’s website the first things that popped out to me were how many services they provide. One stop shop might be overused but that’s all I could really think. A large fleet of specialized equipment to meet every need I could possibly think of and then some more. Next thing I started to explore was City Transfer’s people and their story. Every company seems to want to claim being a family business but what do you see that makes you really believe that? I generally get the opinion from other companies that they are just using that family business verbiage for marketing more than anything. Seeing it backed up like City Transfer does is refreshing.

I appreciate putting a face and name to the services I receive. Seeing the faces on the City Transfer site really struck a chord with me. I might be sentimental but reading about a family history such as that of the Long family that has been operating City Transfer since 1947, that instills a sort of confidence for them to me that others would have a hard time competing with. Smiling facing that are genuine, not stock photos. That’s just great. Looking at pictures from their original fleet of vehicles is something really special. Not another new company that might not be around tomorrow. This one obviously has worked out the kinks and isn’t going anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »


Tires Are Very Important to Maintain

I was spending a lot of time looking at the tires of the car that rear ended me, and I noticed at the accident that the skid marks on the wet road were really long. The police officer pointed this out to me, and I thought that was true. I was okay but I wanted to know why the accident happened. The person that hit me from behind was actually a person that did not maintain their tires, there were no treads on their tires. I told him he could have gone to to get a great deal on truck tires.