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A Birthday Party with a Limo

Toronto Airport Transportation Taxi Service - Niagara Falls LimoWhen I was thirteen my mother gave me one of the best birthday parties a kid could ever have. At thirteen it might have been a little much but even now, nearing thirty years old, I have friends from those days who still bring it up once in a while! It was such a memorable event that it has stuck with them through all these years which, I think, is what really makes that day special. My mother had found a toronto limo rental to pick up all the kids; many of my friends came from lower income families and even though we were not the most wealthy family around the area, we still were much better off than many of them. I think the limo is what really made the night for them – it was a taste of something luxurious. Something that was ‘classy’ and something they may not ever experience again in their lives. I haven’t even been in one since then!

The night was amazing. We had our own DJ who played all kinds of music for us, it was like going to the school dance all over again. Nearly a hundred kids from my school ended up showing up – of course, a lot of them were not my personal friends but my mom felt that it would have been rude to not invite everyone that we could fit into the place. Most of them lived in my neighborhood so that made it easy. The limo ride back and forth was pretty great; I was really impressed by how many kids they could actually fit into one limousine. We had about twenty of us with plenty of room to spare – I think the lino rides were more fun than the DJ, since none of us really knew how to enjoy what a DJ could offer at that age!


Fulfilling the Dreams of Your Heart

Australia is one of those places that American’s consider to be an exotic cousin to themselves. As a people, a society and a culture, we seem to share some close qualities with one another in terms of how we look at the world and what we desire from our personal lives. With so much vacation time stacked up, I decided that I would love to see what Australia had to offer me and signed up for a trip to Perth, Australia. I had heard about the airport transfers in perth which was unlike any other type of airport transfer you might be accustomed to. This airport transfer would take you on a beautiful route along Perth’s gorgeous beaches and rocky trails that draw hikers from all over the area. I was quite taken back by the spectacular beauty of Perth, Australia – America has some beautiful locales itself but we truly cannot hold a candle to the beaches that Australia has.

I spent much of my time on those beaches during my stay.


We Rented a Party Bus

... Limo - Taxi to Toronto Airport - Toronto Airport Limousine ServicesWhen my brother told me he won a contest that included 20 tickets to our favorite team’s sporting event, I got pretty hyped up. He told me that he was going to take everyone in the family as well as a few close family friends. Rather than all of us drive to the stadium ourselves, we decided to look into the different options that a toronto limos company had available. We knew that we would probably have to look into getting two vehicles since there are so many of us, so we were pleasantly surprised to discover that they have a party bus that would hold all of us.

When I first heard the term party bus, I wasn’t sure what to think. I thought of the typical bus seats where only two to three people can sit on each one.


Friends and I Had a Night out

My friends and I were talking about having a night out because we deserved it. There were not a lot of people that wanted to talk to me about the way that I was booking the toronto limo for us. We were deciding to get together for our twenty year high school anniversary instead of going to the reunion which not many people showed an interest in. I was not going to see my friends that I deal with every day, I wanted to see people that I have not seen since the day that we graduated from high school.