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Cheap Auto Repair Services Located in Rockland County

I am going to have to get my car fixed, because it keeps overheating and stalling out on me. I am not sure what the problem is, but whatever is wrong with it, it is not good. I think it could be a blown head gasket, because that would explain the overheating. I have checked the radiator fluid though, it doesn’t seem to be going down at an abnormal level, so I am not really sure what the issue is. I need to find auto repair in Rockland County NY to take my car there, and get it fixed. Hopefully, this will not cost me as much as I think it could.

At some point, if they quote the repairs as being too expensive, then I might just be forced to sell the car, and then to try to buy a new one. Read the rest of this entry »


Custom Mobility Vehicles from MV1 of Orlando

Mobility when you use a wheelchair is critically important for independence. People who are labeled as disabled actually can be extremely enabled with the use of modern technology. However, technology comes in degrees or levels, and it has various costs associated with it. If you can’t walk, the first thing you get is a wheelchair. If you stay in a chair, you probably will get a better one later on. Now if you want to get back to normal living, you need a vehicle. This is where MV1 of Orlando comes in.

It is all about being able to move through your environment unimpeded. If your legs work, you get up and walk. If they do not work to well, you probably will use a cane. If they do not work at all, you use a wheelchair. Now you still need to get out into the community. There is work, school, doctors, grocery shopping and plain old entertainment and fun. Read the rest of this entry »