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Car Service for Company Christmas Party

I was visiting my family, on the other side of the country, but I made a last minute decision that I want to attend to the company Christmas party because I am trying to warm myself up with some of the upper management members in order to have a better shot at a promotion. I am already in a pretty great job in the company, but I figure there is always room for improvement. So I need to find BWI car service that will be able to pick me up at the airport and then drive me right to the Christmas party. Read the rest of this entry »


Black Friday and Consumer Madness

I am not a fan of the Christmas spirit. I don’t even know what the Christmas really is or what it was supposed to be but I imagine that what it has become isn’t what people originally thought it to be. When I think of the Christmas spirit now, I think of Black Friday and I think of consumers stomping on each other as they play tug and war with cheap electronics. I think road rage and I think crying kids sitting on Santa’s smelling like beer. That’s why I talk to Big Thumb Car Rental in Penang every year to make sure that my annual visit is in working order.

I try to leave the United States the day after Thanksgiving every year. I can’t handle it anymore. Read the rest of this entry »


Taking a Bus for a Mission Trip

When our church group decided to go on a mission trip to a city that is about 50 miles away, we were going to just drive a bunch of cars there at first, but then we decided that it would be better if we were all together on this trip. There was 35 of us going, so that meant we would need to take at least 10 cars if not more. Parking could have been an issue, plus we knew it would be more fun if we were all together. I read about St Lee Transport when I was doing some research on buses, and I was very glad that it was the first company I had decided to look at. Read the rest of this entry »