Fulfilling the Dreams of Your Heart

Australia is one of those places that American’s consider to be an exotic cousin to themselves. As a people, a society and a culture, we seem to share some close qualities with one another in terms of how we look at the world and what we desire from our personal lives. With so much vacation time stacked up, I decided that I would love to see what Australia had to offer me and signed up for a trip to Perth, Australia. I had heard about the airport transfers in perth which was unlike any other type of airport transfer you might be accustomed to. This airport transfer would take you on a beautiful route along Perth’s gorgeous beaches and rocky trails that draw hikers from all over the area. I was quite taken back by the spectacular beauty of Perth, Australia – America has some beautiful locales itself but we truly cannot hold a candle to the beaches that Australia has.

I spent much of my time on those beaches during my stay.


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