Got Myself a Weekend Job

cars surrey wedding car hire surrey surrey wedding cars 1948 rolls ...My old mate Bert called me up the other day and asked if I was still practicing. Of course I knew he had a job and I sort of fudged the answer. Of course I have been keeping in practice, but not really playing a lot. This was a good paying job though and easy work at the wedding for this rich lady. The bass player had apparently gotten weekends in jail over a bunch of stupid stuff. The money was great, these people were throwing money around. They had a fleet of old antique wedding cars in manchester, a bunch of different types of really old cars that I had never seen before. The wedding was at this old mansion and they were not renting the place either, the lady owned it and we had to come out and rehearse for her.

I made a big hit, because apparently she recognized me from back in the day. Of course she did not know my name and did not remember the name of band, but she knew that she had seen me at some club.


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