I Wanted to Collect Trains and Accessories

I have always been a collector of different things. It doesn’t matter if it is books, tools, or something totally off the wall, I just like to collect whatever interests me at the moment. Lately, I have been interested in anything and everything to do with trains. We recently moved, and there are train tracks just a few hundred yards from my house. Most people would be annoyed by this, but I was fascinated. That fascination is what led me to http://www.trainhornsunlimited.com. My neighbors would often complain about the loud horns, but again, they intrigued me.

I am all about safety, and that is what the horn is about too. I liked that the conductor would lay on the horn when he would get close to a crossing. That alerts people who are not really paying attention, since there are no safety gates at one of the crossings. When I looked up some information about these air horns that the trains are equipped with, I found a site that actually sells them. I didn’t want one to use on my own truck, because I knew that it would annoy people.

That didn’t stop me from wanting to have one anyway, since I had started collecting model trains shortly after moving here. I looked at the different kits, and I decided to get one that is only a few hundred dollars. The ones that cost more are definitely nice, but I didn’t want to invest that kind of money since I have no idea what my next passion will be. Truth be told, I may actually continue to collect things to do with trains, because there is such an interesting history that is associated with the railways in the United States. If I do, I will definitely buy one of the bigger horn kits for my collection.


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