Just Got Back from Washington DC

Of course I got a bit of a benefit from a mistake that was made by the client. I got to the airport the other evening and I saw a guy standing there holding a sign with my boss’ name on it. He was from a Dulles car service and I realized that they were expecting the boss instead of me. That had been the plan, but at the last minute some stuff had come up and so instead of going to DC he had gone South to deal with an in issue in the Atlanta office. I do not really know what the problem was down there, but they pulled me off what I was doing and the boss briefed me on this trip while he was on his way to the airport. I do not guess that he ever told the people he was going to meet in DC about this, but that is not surprising. He is focused on what is on his own plate and these people are trying to talk him in to doing something.

I felt sort of bad for these people. They clearly had gone all out to impress Mr Berne. He was supposes to be there and it is rather obvious that they really want to get the contract that he was going to talk to them about. I was there to talk to them about it to, but obviously I am not going to be able to make a final decision on the project. If I wanted to recommend the project that would probably hold a lot of weight with the boss, but obviously it does not cut any checks. In fact I would mostly be there to read the tea leaves on the fine details of any deals, to figure out how it would be done.


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