Making Your Life Easier with Freight Shipping in Vancouver

City Transfer provides freight shipping in vancouver and British Columbia. Exploring City Transfer’s website the first things that popped out to me were how many services they provide. One stop shop might be overused but that’s all I could really think. A large fleet of specialized equipment to meet every need I could possibly think of and then some more. Next thing I started to explore was City Transfer’s people and their story. Every company seems to want to claim being a family business but what do you see that makes you really believe that? I generally get the opinion from other companies that they are just using that family business verbiage for marketing more than anything. Seeing it backed up like City Transfer does is refreshing.

I appreciate putting a face and name to the services I receive. Seeing the faces on the City Transfer site really struck a chord with me. I might be sentimental but reading about a family history such as that of the Long family that has been operating City Transfer since 1947, that instills a sort of confidence for them to me that others would have a hard time competing with. Smiling facing that are genuine, not stock photos. That’s just great. Looking at pictures from their original fleet of vehicles is something really special. Not another new company that might not be around tomorrow. This one obviously has worked out the kinks and isn’t going anywhere. Next day, on time and service-oriented is their pledge and it’s easy to see how it rings true with all the great testimonials from their long-term customers.

Providing 24/7 service and delivery windows as short as eight hours. A fleet of tugboats, barges, trailers, vans, dry and refrigerated trucks, comprehensive defines their fleet precisely. Somehow they even manage this fleet in a eco-friendly and fuel-efficient manner overall. Outstanding. Less Than Truck-Load or LTL General Freight seems to meet the needs of most any client even the small ones. Which is really special from a company this large. Next day delivery to water-locked communities such as you’d find in this area with a commitment to make it right. Heads and shoulders above the rest.


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