Taking a Bus for a Mission Trip

When our church group decided to go on a mission trip to a city that is about 50 miles away, we were going to just drive a bunch of cars there at first, but then we decided that it would be better if we were all together on this trip. There was 35 of us going, so that meant we would need to take at least 10 cars if not more. Parking could have been an issue, plus we knew it would be more fun if we were all together. I read about St Lee Transport when I was doing some research on buses, and I was very glad that it was the first company I had decided to look at.

They have different sizes of buses, and I was able to look at some pictures of them on their website. The one that I saw looked like it would be very comfortable, and it would be nice that we could all fit in one bus! I had thought that even if we took a bus, we might have to divide up into two groups since we did have a large number of people going with us.

I was able to fill out a contact form on the website, and the price I was quoted seemed like it would save us money overall. We would not have to worry about fuel or parking fees, and those two things can really add up when you have over ten vehicles between the entire group. We had such a great time on our trip that we are going to do it this way every time that we have a mission trip that is far away. Bus rides have never been so fun, and they have definitely never been more comfortable for the majority of us!


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